2020 Vision…

A New Year – A New Decade – A New Me.

I know, I know – how cliché. I always say you don’t need to wait for a new year to be a “new person” but something about this new year makes me feel so fresh! This past decade has been somewhat of a rollercoaster; I’ve had amazing highs and some of the most horrendous lows. I’ve spent most of it battling mental illness as well as Crohns Disease but I’ve also had a baby, met my soulmate and found my passion for make up. However; in the coming decade, I will become a WIFE, we will buy our forever home & I WILL hit remission with my Crohns. Now, I’m not one for resolutions (I don’t like setting rules for myself!) but there is a couple of things I want to work on and start making better choices.

Better Relationship With Food

I have such a bad vibe with eating – I can either go all day without eating anything or I stuff my face with junk food all day. I definately want to start eating lunch and making healthy meals at home so I’ve had at least one proper meal during the day. I also want to have healthier snacks instead of packets of biscuits and countless cupcakes! My diet tends to be the same foods on repeat but I want to try and introduce some new things into my meals.

Better Connection With Myself

The last couple of years have been such a struggle with my mental health; it’s never been a secret and I’m always very open about things but I find myself constantly putting others ahead of myself, losing myself in the process and not making time to check in with me. Meditating is something that I’ve found really makes a difference when I’m feeling super stressed out or naggy and I know making more time for meditation will help me out massively. I also have a HUGE passion for crystals and their healing properties so I want to really get in tune with them this year and make those strong connections. Something as simple as writing down 3 things about your day which made you smile can have such a difference in how you end your day.

Levelling Up My Make Up Skills

2019 was a HUGE turning point for my make up. I started doing little mini videos on Instagram when I realised how much time I had at the weekends after quitting my job. I’ve had so many gorgeous comments, so much support from everyone and I’ve even had recognition from so many amazing brands which blowsssss my mind! This year, I want to level up even more; I want to push past my comfort zone, fine tune my current skills as well as learning new ones! I’m starting an online course this month with the INCREDIBLE P.Louise Make Up Academy which will teach me so many new things!! Let’s not even get into the Tasha Styles Takeover and YouTube.

Getting My Finances In Order

To be fair, my financial situation is not the worst it’s been. I mean, I’ve got £20 in My Help2Buy ISA so CLEARLY I am adulting *side eye* but I waste SO much money at the shop buying snacks, ordering takeouts and make up purchases which are completely necessary. I’m hoping that having a better relationship with food should put a stop to the countless takeouts but the make up one will be the big test. I do have a wedding to pay for. The dream wedding or the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills palette? Both? No? Okay wish me luck!

Focusing On My Family

Ok, this is the biggie. From time to time, doing things as a family takes a back seat; this can be depression kicking in & I can’t get out of bed or anxiety kicking in & I can’t leave the house or Crohns kicking in & I can’t leave the bathroom 😦 but this year, I want that to change. I want to spend more time doing things at home with the family as well as days out making memories. I want to visit family a lot more especially our Grandparents who love to see us all. I also discovered last year that Baby K (who’s 4 in two weeks but she’s still my Baby so shush) LOVES crafts; painting, drawing, making a pure mess which doesn’t do my OCD any help…. but we’re going to work on that! A messy kid is a happy kid or something, right?

What are your 2020 Goals? I’d love to hear what you want to change this year!

Published by Tasha Styles

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